Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Rudelsberg-font by Eckmann

Andreas Höfeld from Germany pointed me in the direction of type designer Otto Eckmann, also from Germany. Eckmann designed a number of fonts in 1900, that appeared with the Klingspor Foundry. The regular font contains echos from Roberta (or the other way around, I do not know which of these fonts was first) and the old handwritten texts made by monks. Especially the captital T, with the sickle-like stem.
The alternate font looks more like the lettering found in the Berlin Zoo. The latter font could have been modified, bij adding the peculiar top on the "o". I made a print (click to enlarge) with the fontset downloaded from the website Andreas mentioned:

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nice typeface in the Berlin Zoo

I went to Berlin for a short vacation. At the same time I went hunting for typefaces and in the Zoo I saw this one. It looks a bit Art Nouveau and I have the distinct impression I have seen this one (or a good lookalike) somewhere before.
Websites like don't know this font and in my old catalogues I cannot find it either. So... If anyone has a bright idea? I'd really love to hear it!