Sunday, June 03, 2007

Practical application of the fonts

It's always nice to get feedback, from people who like my fonts and do something with it. The latest is Jan van Cadsand, a true fan of the Amsterdamse School. He likes to take walks in Amsterdam, visiting famous spots like "Het Schip" (The Ship) a building designed by De Klerk. This complex houses a museum nowadays, but there are also lots of ordinary dwellings in it. Not all the people who live there are happy with the hordes of architectural tourists that bring their cameras along and photograph everything that's in sight. Some people do tend to stretch the posibilities, by putting their camera against the window and take pictures of the interior of people's houses.
But, if you just take pictures of the outside, without invading anyone's privacy then Het Schip is the place to be. Jan did that, and he uses my font Mokum Betondorp to put text in his pictures. Well done, Jan. If anyone has used my fonts in a remarkable way, please let me know!