Saturday, March 31, 2012

Changing tools as well

I used to use Font Creator, a product by a company called High-Logic. That software resided on my old PC and after 8 years I bought a new one. In order to get the software running on my new piece of hardware, I tried to reload the activation code.
Alas, that was no longer possible, because "we no longer have your credentials in our database". The product was procured more than 5 years ago, so my email address was removed from the database. The address survived however in their marketing database, bacause I still get commercial stuff from them.
They even offered me an upgrade from my old version 5.0 for a meager sum of 49 dollars (or something). But hey folks, I'm Dutch, and being confronted with an unwanted bill leads to some stubbornness (not to mention a slight physical discomfort in the rectal region).

Resulting in: I'm moving over to FontStruct

Update 1: I may, however, change my mind and use FontForge instead. This program sounds promising, the only hurdle I have to take is learning how to configure it to my wishes. The version I downloaded is geared towards Kanji (Japanese), treating every letter as a square.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fonts temporarily offline

Due to a change of address (yes, after two and a half years I finally sold my house...) in the real world, the address in Cyberspace where you could download fonts has ceased to exist.
I'm working on a new website, but first the brick and mortar part of my life has to be adapted to my satisfaction. Until that time the fonts in the Mokum Series will stay offline.