Sunday, August 19, 2007

Practical application of the fonts (3)

The style of the Amsterdam School (AS) originated in Amsterdam, but later on the architects went to the north of The Netherlands, especially the province of Groningen, to do some wonderful work. Not many people know this, and to promote the richness of the AS architecture in Groningen a new book has been written. The title is Versteende Welvaart (Petrified Prosperity in English) and it will be presented on September 7th. That is the day before the National Monument weekend, a rare occasion to visit buildings that are otherwise closed to the public.
Looking at the cover of the book, the lettering is instantly recognizable. The design was made by Koos Staal who works in Haren, to the south of the city of Groningen. (Province and Capital bear the same name). When I read the title and started thinking about a new blog entry it struck me that the title in English is very powerful. An alitteration with a strong metrum. Anyway, I dug up font Mokum Cohen Topline and made the following:

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Phunky Phather said...

hoi richard!
mooi blog, heb de vraag: waar heb je de font mokum cohen topline gevonden en is die te delen? Ik bedoel, ik zou um graag willen gebruiken....
je kan me bereiken op:

Alvast hartelijk bedankt!!