Saturday, March 31, 2012

Changing tools as well

I used to use Font Creator, a product by a company called High-Logic. That software resided on my old PC and after 8 years I bought a new one. In order to get the software running on my new piece of hardware, I tried to reload the activation code.
Alas, that was no longer possible, because "we no longer have your credentials in our database". The product was procured more than 5 years ago, so my email address was removed from the database. The address survived however in their marketing database, bacause I still get commercial stuff from them.
They even offered me an upgrade from my old version 5.0 for a meager sum of 49 dollars (or something). But hey folks, I'm Dutch, and being confronted with an unwanted bill leads to some stubbornness (not to mention a slight physical discomfort in the rectal region).

Resulting in: I'm moving over to FontStruct

Update 1: I may, however, change my mind and use FontForge instead. This program sounds promising, the only hurdle I have to take is learning how to configure it to my wishes. The version I downloaded is geared towards Kanji (Japanese), treating every letter as a square.

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